Governor El rufai, Marshall Plan And Magic Of a Thinking Leadership

In 1948, the then United State Secretary of state, George Marshall conceived a plan for the recovery of European ecomomy, devastated by the Second World War. 
US sank over 15 billion dollars into rebuilding Europe. This singular step halted the spread of Communism been propagated by Russia, which was spreading very fast in Europe. 
The name of the programme was derived from its initiator, George Marshall (Marshall Plan). 
Like Marshall Plan, Governor Ahmed El rufai has rolled out another kind of Marshall Plan, which, if diligently followed, will set Kaduna state on the path of sustainable growth and eliminate the security challenges plaguing the state. 
Bellow is the El rufai plan… 
(1) Kaduna State government is setting aside 5,000 square kilometres to build the largest cattle ranch in Africa in Birnin Gwari;
(2) Kaduna State governor has reached an agreement with Al Rayan Islamic Bank to open an animal feed compounder at Birnin Gwari;
(3) Kaduna State government has reached a deal with the New York Giants Leather & Suede Jackets Company to open a manufacturing facility in Kaduna;
(4) Kaduna State government has successfully wooed Nestle to open a dairy plant in Zaria;
(5) Kaduna State government shall be opening Africa’s largest abattoir in Kafanchan. It shall be funded with an Islamic Finance loan;
(6) Malaysian Islamic bank CIMB has agreed to loan Kaduna State $5bn to build an intra-state light railway programme. This will engage up to 2m youths over a five year programme;
(7) Kaduna State will open at least two technical training colleges in each of its 23 local government areas;
(8) At the Birnin Gwari ranch there shall be a disarmament centre where all armed herdsmen and bandit can hand in their weapons without prosecution;
(9) As from henceforth, Kaduna State will match Michael Okpara’s policy of spending 45% of its annual budget on education; and
(10) Kaduna State government will open a 1,000 square kilometre solar farm in Makarfi. It will have an adjoining factory that manufactures panels with the view of providing employment for at least 20,000 people.
Via: Ayo Ojeniyi

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