17 Years In Mind: Letter to Benjamin Idris

Daddy, Uncle and Brother, you were the mirror at which we looked at our lives, the mirror at which we looked at ourselves.

When the mirror is broken you no longer see your image. On that dreadful day (13 February, 2004) that you departed this world to join the saints it has not been same again for us.

Like Puff Daddy and Faith Evan wrote in the song in memory of Notorious BIG, “Every step I take, every move I makeEvery single day, every time I pray
I’ll be missin’ you
Thinking of the day when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break

We are proud that you gave life your best shot. You fought a good fight. You were a disciplinarian, honest, and dogged at everything you do! 
You taught us the value of hardwork. You taught us to be diligent in whatever we do! 
You taught us the value of wide reading: knowing little about everything. You taught us the value of listening and taking notes, even when listening to a Radio.

You taught us no news is stale to the one who have not read or heard it. You taught us the newspaper culture. You took the pains to explain to us why some people are smiling in newspaper photos and why others are looking sad. I dedicate Summit Post Newspaper to your memory, because you planted the seed that metamophorsed into newspaper interest. 
Those heaps of newspaper cuts aroused our curiosity about its values. You were right, newspaper and Radio have empowered us to stand tall in the gallery of knowledge. 
Our consolation is that every life will taste death. Death is nature ordained. However, there is advantage in longevity. Once again, the seeds you planted have started yielding fruits. 
Thank you for who you were. 
Your Sincerely, Daniel – SonDebbie – DaughterHannah – SisterMercy – SisterGowon – Brother


  1. Ben, was a lovely fellow. A good footballer and an academician per excellent. We were in the same class from Primary to Secondary. He was epitome of hardworking and diligent at his books. His academic prowess gave him a job without a godfather in the judiciary,then in Benue state. His dedication and feat that gave him in-service training to the prestigious ABU Zaria for his University degree to hone his acumen the more. I can still vividly recall my last meeting with him in his office at Lokoja in one of my transits through that location. In him, Oganenigu lost an illustrious son.
    May God continue to console his immediate family.


  2. Ben was brilliant, disciplined and humble. He lived a live worth emulating. His demise was a very painful one but who are we to question God that allowed it. May he continue to rest in the bosom of father Abraham

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  3. Hmmmm, Ben my brother, your early depature to our creator left a big vacuum in the hearts of many pple, especially we of the same age grade.
    You were lovely, friendly and inteligently good.
    I personally miss u for the little life we spent together.
    May your soul continue to rest in peace!!

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  4. Came across him in my little beginning, not much was determined but testimonies (Good) abounds around him.
    I read of him (mentioning) in one of Prof. Omale’s book and that speaks volumes of his worth, intellect and decency; we (Oganenigu) has indeed lost a rare gem.
    Adiue “BENJA”


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