Broke Single Mom Builds Her Own Tiny Home For $75 A Month This is such a smart idea and the house is super cute!

God has blessed us all with so many resources and he promises to make a way for us even when everything seems to be falling apart. By trusting in God and being resourceful, we can overcome many obstacles that life throws at us.

A single mother named Michelle “MJ” Boyle was paying $1,600 in rent each month for a modestly sized home located in the Pacific Northwest community of Sherwood, Oregon. She was a long-term renter and was never able to build up any equity in a home. In fact, she had spent more than a decade living paycheck to paycheck with pretty much no money in her savings account.

But, MJ’s children are now preparing to leave and go off to school, so she decided that it was time for her to make a major life change. This major change was not only able to cut her monthly expenses drastically, but it will also help allow her to start building up a savings account for retirement. So, how did she manage to do this? Well, MJ joined in on the Tiny House Movement! She quickly went from paying $1,600 every month for a three-bedroom, 2-bath house that was located on a quarter acre of land to owning a small 204-square-foot tiny house that she only has to pay $75 a month for! What’s even more amazing is that the cost also includes electricity, water, and WiFi!

“Building anything with your own hands is one of the most rewarding experiences,” MJ said. “In my case: I’m not only building it, I designed it.” And this home works perfectly for MJ, giving her just what she needs. “All of my appliances are from circa (mid-1940s) to early 1950s. It took me nearly two years to collect and refurbish the collection,” MJ explained. “It truly was a labor of love. My design theme is modern nostalgia and I think I really accomplished it.”

And, the house is super adorable! Take a tour of MJ’s tiny home in the video below:

-Jesus Daily 

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