Minister Orders NESREA To Prosecute Dangote Group Over Kogi Environmental Degradation

The Minister of Environment has instructed NESREA, the parastatal empowered by the Constitution to investigate and prosecute offenders destroying the environment, to investigate the huge levels of degradation occurring in Kogi State from Onupi Ankpa to Obajana ( including Iwa, Oyo, Apata and Obajana communities). 
Statement released by Mona Mustapha Audu said, “Earlier today, officials of the Mona Audu Foundation, NESREA and Dangote Group inspected the different areas in the 4 Obajana communities affected by huge environmental degradation.
“We will be inspecting the sites at Onupi Ankpa Next week.
The Mona Audu Foundation are truly grateful to the Honorable Minister of Environment and the British High Commission especially the Climate Change Office for helping us come this far.
We hope that The Dangote Group can begin to take the right corrective steps to address ALL the issues we have raised. Either that or we will continue to prosecute this case at the highest levels of authority both in Nigeria, the Ecowas and Internationally.

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