Report: In Sahara Hostel, Dearth of Water, Blackout Deny Danfodiyo Varsity Students Comfort

By Abdulwasiu Olokooba 

You could feel the dispassion in the air, see the frown on their faces, dark red, and hear their lamentations as the dwellers of Sahara hostel headed to the direction of a man standing near the edge of the hostel, pushing a truck with yellow jerry-cans filled with water. 
With both hands carrying jerry-cans filled with water, Ismail Muhammad, a 200level student of Radiography, said, “for a week now, we have neither light nor adequate water supply in this hostel.”
Ismail dropped the water and stretched his hand as a sign of relief and walked directly to this reporter’s stand and he continued, “since Sunday (7th of February, 2021), we have not had light at Sahara hostel and from Thursday (11th of February, 2021), there has not been water at all in the hostel. 
“For days now, we have been forced to buy water from Mai-Wura, either for cooking, washing, bathing, or even brushing our teeth. The smallest of things a man can do with water, we have to buy it because there is no water. 
“We are forced to carry our lamps, our phone around with risk and look for where to charge because we can’t charge at the comfort of our rooms since there is not light,” Ismail narrated. 
 ‘Danburan Jada’ hostel, as inscribed on the students’ letter of accommodation, popularly called Sahara Hostel, is a hall of residence located at the school of matriculation studies, Usmanu Danfofiyo University, Sokoto and being allocated to undergraduate students, particularly medical students for the same amount of N10, 070 like other halls of residences in the university.
The hostel was named after the popular Sahara desert by the students because of its notoriety with poor electricity and lack of good water supply. They believed getting water at ‘Danburan Jada Hostel’ is as unrealistic as the hope to get water while on sojourn via the Sahara desert.
‘The Poor Can Not Live Here’
Another student who spoke with NewsDigest is Abraham Ayorinde. He described the situation as a bad and unbearable one for the students living in the hostel. 
“Before we don’t want to talk but it has gotten to a stage we need to call people to help us. Life is not easy here in the city campus and very unbearable at Sahara hostel. 
“We buy a jerry-can of water at the rate of N40 and we charge our phone for N50 at the nearby shops. The poor can not live here we know. But if a student doesn’t have money, do you expect to steal or what?” He lamented. 
Omotosho Habeeb, one of the residents of the hostel said the living conditions of students dwelling at Sahara hostel is very pathetic and urged the appropriate authorities to treat the situation as a matter of urgency. 
His words: “Our situation is very pathetic, we couldn’t even charge our phone for three to four days. There is no light and water. We are left to roam outside the campus and charge and we are to pay #50 or #70, depending on the hours. 
“We urge those in charge to help us and we will really appreciate if something is done very quickly.” 
SU Promises to Take Decisive Actions
Reacting to this in a telephone conversation with this reporter, the Students’ Union president, Faruq Barade promised to channel the issue to the management and ensure it takes immediate action. 
“Now that we have been informed, I will take it up to the Dean and get it resolved as soon as possible,” Barade promised.
-The news digest press, UDUS

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