Kogi: State Where A Stitch In Time Does Not Save Nine By Dr Idris Omede

A former Commissioner of Health in Kogi State and one time President of the Nigeria Medical Association, Dr Idris Omede has frowned at the decision of the Kogi State Government to embark on a new College of Medicine in Okene while an existing one continues to lie moribund.

Reacting to a Press Statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Kogi State governor, Mr Onogwu Mohammed on his Facebook Page, Dr Omede lamented that sincerity of purpose in governance has been thrown overboard by the current move of the state government to shift focus from standardizing the existing College of Medicine at the Prince Abubakar Audu University, and the Teaching Hospital in Anyigba, to establishing a brand new similar project of gigantic magnitude.

Dr Omede said: “On the Press release post by Onogwu Galacticus, Kogi state CPS on establishment of College of Medicine in CUSTECH, Okene, my painful view.”

Dr Omede threw up so many timely apt questions deserving of urgent and sincere answers. He asked, “What happens to the college of Medicine in Prince Abubakar Audu University ( PAAU or KSU) and the University Teaching Hospital at Anyigba? This is a cause for major concern by key players in the progress of Kogi state,” he decried.

Secondly he questioned, “What becomes of the students there? Can the state rightly embark on two University projects or the intent is for one to go into attrition as a result of government disinterest in PAAU courses?”

Dr Omede emphatically stressed that questions like these are asked in order to get answers. “We ask questions to get answers; that is the responsibility of government to the people. Singing praises for this type of affront is inhumane and calamitous and self serving. Quite unfortunate, sad and distasteful,” adding he stated “In sane climes a new University should embark on non existent courses in existing University. The reverse is the case here, the Dr argued.

Posing another question, the renowned Doctor said, “Can Kogi State Government manage and finance two state government owned Universities, or it’s another processes in putting unsuspecting students and parents in perpetual limbo of accreditation challenges?

It’s however of essence that when questions of this nature are thrown up by experienced personalities in the affected field in question, authorities concerned should effectively and responsively rise to give genuine clarity as to the justification for such government policy.

Obviously infuriated by this Politically motivated development, he also has this to say: “Without much ado, this is an anathema in our nation. Because not even heavily financially and economically endowed states in Nigeria have dared that. Haba, Kogi State, this is unfair. Here is where a ‘Stitch in time does not save nine’”.

In conclusion, Doctor Omede resolves that as stakeholders, he and other like minds whose intentions are only for the good of the State and its inhabitants, they would not stay aloof and allow the State Government, regardless of whose administration it is, do a “disservice” to the State and her people.

In his words: “We won’t just continue to watch this disservice to the state and the people.”

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