According the believe of Attah Ameh Oboni, there is no problem without its solution(s). He always believed that God who made him the king of his people (Igala Kingdom) will answer him whenever he calls regarding his people.
Hyenas are carnivorous animals; they eat other animals, and in some cases, human beings.
There was a time in Igalaland that the activities of these animals was becoming much. In addition to goats, sheep, and other domestic animals that hyenas came to carry from homes, they started carrying human babies from outside when the mothers did not know and from the rooms because the buildings (thatched) used that time were easy to tear by hyenas. These were happening around the beginning of the reign of Attach Ameh Oboni. The news got to him in the palace and he became very sad. He got up from his seat, carry a little quantity of sand in his hand and said, “as from today, hyenas, you will never come home again, generations to come may not know you again”. After saying that, he paused and thought on why the animals could also go into rooms to carry babies, and it was because of thatched buildings without walls. Then, with the sand still in his hand, he continued “as from this day, whatever work Igalas do shall be profitable, money will be in each home, thatched buildings shall be replaced with concrete/cement or modern buildings”, and he dropped the sand in his hand.

And behold, that was the last time hyenas was seen in Igalaland. In addition, people started having money and modern buildings began to replace thatched buildings in Igalaland. Today, thatched buildings cannot be found in Igalaland except for some other special purposes. And do you know what, God gives power to the one he pleases irrespective of what others may say. Attah Ameh Oboni, please pray to God for Igalaland as you used to do for the elimination of all hyena-like problems currently in Igalaland, and for speedy development of our land. May this happen quickly on our land, acheee.
Long live Igala Kingdom, Long live the prayer strength of Igala ethnic group, long live the powerful memories of Attah Ameh Oboni.

Credit: Amb Ayegba A. A.
(Teacher, Researcher, and Igala Cultural Promoter)
Ag Secretary, AneIgala Restoration Movement.

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