Are you amazed to hear that lager beer does not contain sugar? So many are surprised because beer has a reputation as a beverage that will pack on the pounds and stretch out your waistline, giving you a big pot belly. However, when you look deeply into how beer is processed, you will understand why beer sugar content is nonexistent.

Beer is made from water, grain, hops, and yeast. The grain, which is usually malted barley, is the source of the sugar. On its own, it’s quite sweet. This is where the yeast comes in. These microorganisms enable fermentation of the sugars in the malted barley to form the alcohol that you want. The hops add the bitterness that is characteristic of beer.

This process laconically explained above shows us that the sugar is actually turned into alcohol. Conservation, beer doesn’t contain sugar but it does have carbohydrates.

The reality is that beer contains quite a few calories, owing to the large amount of carbohydrates that it contains. Beer contains a relatively small percentage of alcohol because not all the carbohydrates are fermented. In contrast, liquors like vodka and gin contain no sugar and fewer carbohydrates because almost all of them are fermented.

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