Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello on Friday met with a team of the Renewable Energy Division from the Nigerian National Petroleum Co operation (NNPC) who were in the state for a feasibility study on the development of Biofuel project in the State.

The Governor who lauded the initiative assured the members of their safety during the cause of their all important assignment noting that the state remained a safe zone for visitors, businessmen and investors as the records were obvious

In a letter presented to the Governor by the delegation, the group thanked the Governor for his sustained support for the Biofuel project since the incubation of the initiative till current implementation

They recalled that a team from NNPC alongside its consultants visited the state to conduct land validation and feasibility study for the bio fuel project

The delegation mentioned that although the land validation studies was bearing completion but there was no appreciable progress made on the feasibility studies due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the End Sars protest that rocked the nation.

The delegatiom however informed the Governor that after due consultation between NNPC and its consultant the team was requested to make progress on the feasibility studies on the project site to conclude its findings for proper report on the project.

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