My heart and thoughts are with the families of the victims from yesterday plane crash. Our aviation sector really needs urgent attention to technical issues. So I put up my picture here just to show how serious these technical issues affect our health. 
One time I’m travelling and upon landing,  I had serious hearing problems (which happens to me almost all the times that I travel by air). This has also made me hate travelling by air by the way but I always have little or no choice at all.So I called a pilot friend to enquire if I had a medical condition that causes all these discomforts and to my greatest surprise, he affirmed he’s always experience the severe pains in his ears anytime he flies the aircrafts and his physician has been giving him some eardrops to relief the pains.I was in great shock to why a pilot will have to go through such excruciating pains doing his jobs.Well to cut the long story short, he told me most of  our aircrafts have defected sound proof that result to people like me and a host of others experiencing such during  our travel experience. (Which is why I prefer travelling by  rail).In the above picture, I had earmuffs and my headphones on but when I landed, I couldn’t hear a  thing for about two days coupled with pains (an experience I’ve had all the times). This is the situation of the system and I pray it improves reasonably for our wellbeing and safety. 

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