Although the Senator representing the good People of the Northern Senatorial District in Cross River State, Dr. Stephen Odey cannot be carried away by praises and accolades, you cannot but notice the Presence of Senator Stephen Odey in the Red Chamber.

Odey means different things to different people: To some, he is a Listener, while to others, he is the Senator of the masses, a deeply passionate leader through whose arteries, the overall best interest of the people flows just like blood. Yet to some others, he is a purpose-driven, prudent manager of human and material resources, overly committed to permanently changing the political narratives of Cross River North through his effective representation.

Nevertheless, from whichever perspective he is viewed from, one thing remains sacrosanct; and that is the fact that Senator Stephen Odey is one man, who constantly shies away from accolades, awards and recognitions in spite of the fact that his achievements as a Cross River SUBEB Chairman in the glorious bygone years easily recommends him for better opportunities to serve humanity, even more.

However, in spite of his near aversion for awards and recognitions, Senator Stephen Odey, like a Gold Fish, inadvertently that his sterling performance in office has made him, has no hiding place. He is, in spite of himself, being literally chased around with awards, accolades and recognitions for the unparalleled record of achievements.

In a society, where many are known to pay and literally solicit awards, he has turned down several fascinating awards (home and abroad). Indeed, Cross River North is lucky to have had in him a leader whose emergence was not in any way accidental.

Without any equivocation, it was just a natural event that in 2020, the popular will of the people in Cross River Northern Senatorial District was finally affirmed and Dr Stephen Odey was sworn into office as a Senator. The evidence is clear: shortly after his swearing in, he is already taking the centre stage in legislative functions at the Red Chambers which is an indication that he was well prepared for the job.

One was therefore not surprised, when he quickly proceeded to propose bills to make education free and ensure that no child is left behind on account of his/her poor economic background and the bill for the establishment of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology Ogoja.

Senator Stephen Odey in the floor of Senate has already lend his voice to the critical security challenges in Nigeria as it affects socioeconomic life in the nation, today.

Meanwhile, he is not resting on his oars. In fact, a little bird tells us that the action Senator is further planning to do more.

Now tell me, with all of these achievements, why wouldn’t Senator Stephen Odey be literally chased around with awards, accolades and commendations?

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