After my training at the National Broadcast Academy, Lagos in 2012, my uncle, Abel humbly took me to Davidson of Grace FM Lokoja for a place to practice. After waiting for him at the Complex down the hill for a while, my uncle who was at that time Editor-in-chief, or a higher position at Graphics Newspaper (very busy position) had to leave.

At last he secured an appointment for me to meet Davidson one morning at mount party where they broadcast from.
On that faithful morning, I was given a script to record in the production studio. I told him I was trained a journalist and may not do well in presentation unless I’m put through. He asked me to go ahead and get auditioned.

Las las, my Boss came to meet me in his office after listening to my recording and said: “IF THIS THING GOES ON AIR ON MY STATION, I’LL BE SACKED”. That was how I left oh with my spirit down. He was right though. I kept my rapport with him afterwards till recently when my iPhone packed up.

Well, I later got the opportunity to start a career in radio broadcasting just about a month later without any stress.
I will tell you how another time.

Just know that whatever you want to do, put your mind on it, pursue it, and pray too, it will work out some day.

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