Kidnapping In Niger: A Peep At Governor Sani Bello’s Leadership Finesse

In Leadership engagements finesse, astitue, courage and fortitude are a hallmark or success recipe. Principles are not negotiable but the means of achieving them is negotiable.

In Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s dictionary, the stand on banditry or other forms of criminality is settled. Following the series of kidnap and abductions in Niger State in the last two weeks, Governor Sani Bello sounded it very clear for whoever cares to listen that, “I will not pay a dime for the release of the abducted Schoolboys because continuous payment of ransom is a motivation for banditry to continue”. Emphatic and categorical statement you will say.

The Sunday release of the abducted 53 passengers of Niger State Transport Company, NSTA bus on 14 February, 2021, signaled a paradigm shift in crisis management.

Nigeria is faced with the hydra-headed monster of insecurity, no doubt. However, the test of a good pilot is known in an unfavorable weather, just as a good sailor proves his/her mettle during a storm on the high sea.

The Wednesday kidnap of Kagara Schoolboys in Niger State bears eloquent testimony to the depth of security challenges that face us! Nonetheless, it has demonstrated at once, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s leadership capacity.

Three things matters to a good leader, the courage to dare, the tenacity to continue pushing and the fortitude to rally a team until results are achieved. The foregoing underpins the concatenation of events that culminated in the release of the 53 passengers.

As efforts to secure the release of abducted students of Government Science School Kagara intensifies, it is important to underscore the fact that Governor Sani-Bello’s dexterity is worth commending. As a courageous leader, he was firm and calculative, having stated his position on the payment of ransom.

In demonstration of his tenacity, he moved swiftly to mobilise the necessary resources towards securing the release of the abducted persons. He immediately met with the State Security Chiefs in Minna. As a leader with fortitude, Governor Sani Bello is of the firm believe that a team is needed to tackle this menace, because it is like a it is a hydra-monster. He recieved a federal government delegation in Minna, where the state officials and the visiting delegation compared notes.

As a leader of immense courage, Governor Sani Bello put a team of State Officials and Security Agencies together for a spot visit to Government Science College and Kagara Cummunity. While at Kagara Community, the Governor had interaction with the people on the best way communities can be part of the solution to the hazard of banditry in the State. The Governor assured the people of the efforts of his government, in collaboration with the Federal Government to find a lasting solution to banditry and insecurity in general.

Haven met with stakeholders and harness opinions and views on the way forward, Governor Sani Bello proceeded to engage the services of Religious leaders, not because he approve of activities of bandits but as a mean of solving immeadiate problem, since lives are involved. Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a revered cleric was one who cap fits. It must be borne in mind that Sheikh Gumi’s accept of Governor Sani Bello’s invitation to interface with the bandits is based on the respect he has Gover Sani Bello. The State Government delegation, along with Sheikh Gumi proceeded to Tegina/Brinin Gwari Forest on a mediation visit.

In keeping with his governance principle of running an inclusive government or carrying the people along, Governor Sani Bello addressed a World Press Conference, where he briefed the people on efforts so far and the determination of his government to secure the release of the abducted as quickly as possible.

“I will not pay a dime for the release of the abducted Schoolboys because continuous payment of ransom is a motivation for banditry to continue”. To breathe life into the above principled stand, the State Assembly Members met with the Governor on how to enact a law that prescribes punishment for informants of bandits.

The series of calculated steps peaked in the Sunday release of 53 passengers of the Niger State Transport Company, NSTA, abducted on 14 February while efforts are being redoubled to secure the release the abducted students of Government Science College Kagara.

The dexterity Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State brought to bear in the handling of the abduction saga is a clarion demonstration of leadership finness that should be emulated by all and sundry.

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