Op-ed: Kogi State University Anyigba In Urgent Needs of Intervention


Menace of Prince Abubakar Audu University’s late submission of senate list of prospective corps members to NYSC on the graduated students.

It’s saddonic at this point in time after waiting for two years (2019-2021) of graduation from the above named institution to missed out of the Batch A 2021 NYSC mobilization as the result of the inability of the school management to send both soft copies and hard copies of the list of successful students in an earlier time frame scheduled by the NYSC to enable the mobilization of students for service.

Report gathered from past students indicated that it remains the same story when it comes to mobilization of students as many of them where frustrated to serve at danger prone area and even to the point that KSU or PAAU is known for batch B.

Recall that sometimes ago the executive governor proscribed ASUU from the school to enhance quality and speedy academic processes but despite the effort of the state government to ease stress and delay in the academic pursuit of kogites the situation of mobilization of prospective corps members remain the worse among it kinds.

The delay in the mobilization processes will amount the students to lost the chances of choosing their states of choice where they could find appalling opportunities and prone to choose risky areas.

We use this medium to plead with the governor to pressurize the management inorder to change this narrative and it further reoccurrence because as it stands now the students from this school will like miss out the opportunity to be mobilize along with their fellow from others schools. We appeal to the state government to carryout employment inorder to support human resources at the management level to reduce work load on the few ones available.

Kogi State University Student Unable to register for NYSC

We understood that, the management is struggling to bring the school to the lime light by making lots of changes in the school administrative setting but little or no impact has this made to the said sector (students mobilization), we advise that if they submit any documents to external parties they should follow up and make sure the deal is done in time to avoid damage.

We regret to write to the public the wrongs in our school system as it will not promote the school image but we have no other good platform to make our grievances known rather than this. We apologize to the management for any inconveniences and hope for a drastic redress within the shortest period to avoid further publications of the ills in the school system like the delay of results among others.

Yours faithfully,
Concerned KSUITE.

Cc: SSA to the governor on students matter.

Vice Chancellor,
Kogi State University.

Dean Students Affairs

Concerned Students share

Cr: Observertimes

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