Dr. Sam Amadi, former Chairman of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), has thrown his weight behind Governor Hope Uzodimma’s assets recovery programme in Imo State.

Amadi who is also former governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the 2019 governorship election in Imo State gave his support in a statement on Friday.

He said: “I fully support attempt to recover all unlawfully acquired Imo property from Rochas Okorocha and past governors and officials in Imo State. Where it is too difficult to reverse such illegal acquisitions, government should consider very big and punitive taxes and fees to give value to the public whose lands have been stolen.

“I will fully support Imo government and will offer any little professional advisory services free on this regard. I have said it that if I become president of Nigeria I will consider a review of private acquisition of public land a matter of urgent national interest. Those who acquired public land for a pittance or even for free undeservedly will be asked to pay market rates”.

Amadi lamented that “One of the legal fraud of capitalism is the so-called public acquisition of private land under the power of eminent domain. The land is later used for private purposes though acquired for public purposes. All such allocations should be reversed. In Abuja FCT ministers award community lands to private developers almost for free in the guise of mass housing. These Shylock developers later sell off these lands to the rich at astronomical prices. In all these transaction the politically connected become billionaires at the detriment of the poor who are chased away from their lands and the masses who are homeless because there are no mass housings”.

He assured that “all these evils will be corrected someday in Nigeria”, stressing that in the meantime we should “start from recovering from Rochas and others anything they unlawfully acquired in Imo State”.

Recall that the State Government had on Thursday disclosed that it had concluded plans to recover the IBC Quarters in Orji, Government Layouts in Orlu, Government lands at New Owerri, amongst others.

In a statementon on Thursday, Governor Hope Uzodimma disclosed that the State Executive Council had empowered the Ministry of Lands and Survey to carry out the full implementation of recovery of all lands and properties of Government in keeping with the Whitepaper report on violation of Owerri Master Plan.

The Governor added that “EXCO noted that owners of the Ekwema Crescent Layout which was illegally allotted to people by the Okorocha administration without any law are fortunate as the Government did not revoke their lands. Government has ordered that the land be returned to the original owners and anything developed on such land belongs to the owners.

“On the old IBC quarters at Orji in Owerri where former Governor Rochas Okorocha built his Rochas Foundation College, Government emphasized that the property belongs to the Government and has been marked for full recovery.

“In the same vein, Council observed the distortion of the New Owerri Master Plan and noted that the current administration is poised to recover the area and warned that any structure on the original Master Plan will be demolished.

“Furthermore, it was discovered by EXCO that the Government of Okorocha allotted the Imo State Government Layouts in Orlu to his family, friends and cronies. The government will definitely recover that layout as part of those property illegally acquired”.

He noted that the Government had obtained a court order permitting her to recover all illegally acquired properties Rochas Okorocha, adding that Government had given Okorocha till April 21, 2021 to come and show proof of ownership of the said properties or they would be finally forfeited to the State Government.

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