Cross River: No Court Order Asked Senator To Vacate His Seat In The Senate -Eba

…says Appeal Court Calabar affirmed him as the duly elected candidate of the PDP.

The Director-General, Cross River State Due Process, and Price Intelligence Bureau, Alphonsus Ogar Eba Esq, has stated in unequivocally clear terms that Dr. Stephen Odey remains the serving Senator for Cross River North insisting no court order has asked him to vacate his seat in the Senate.

Speaking recently to journalists, Eba said, on the issue of two certificates of returns, one looks like a worthless Zimbabwean dollar in the hands of my dear friend and brother Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe. A duly issued certificate of return was given to Senator Stephen Adi Odey and it was on that basis, the senate president has sworn him in as the senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and he has been so sitting since on the 16th of December up to this moment and as we speak, he is even sitting in the senate today that is because the purported certificate of return which was issued by INEC, “I wouldn’t know what was their persuasion but I think to excuse them, it was total ignorance of the clear provision of the electoral act and the constitution of Nigeria”.

Eba stressed further, “the crisis of the cross river north senatorial seat was an avoidable and unnecessary political tussle, the two actors are very good friends in fact the sitting senator today was the DG of Hon. Jarigbe joint campaign in 2019, the vacuum was created by the demise of late Senator Dr. Mrs. Rose Oko and so the party thought it wise that, this vacuum should be completed by somebody from the same local government where the woman died because this is Ogoja/Yala federal constituency, two local government. In 2019 the decision was taken that, the house of the representative seat should be in Ogoja and the senate seat should be in Yala local government because Yala is quite larger than Ogoja and so with the vacuum created, they needed somebody to fill and cover this remaining two years of the late senator and in doing so, no other person than the young man who has been chairman of SUBEEB, whose projects were littered across any political wards and whose acceptability cannot be questioned because it was even based on that acceptability that Hon. Jarigbe in the first place chose him to be DG of his campaign organization, wonderful friends, in fact the moment the candidacy or aspirations of Senator Stephen Odey expressed, Hon. Jarigbe came on his social media page to express his support and said the man works, everybody must rally around him. There is nothing we did not do, me in particular, I went on my knees to beg them because the persons involved are my friends because Hon. Jarigbe confided in me that, all he wanted was an opportunity to go a third term in 2023, and I said, since this is the case, come let us sit down with the leadership of the party and see how we can drive this but you see When a man no longer has control of his own decision and someone else is the one beating the drums for him, all he has to do is a dance to the tune. We wouldn’t know what exactly led to this crisis but our discovery today is that somebody somewhere else is stoking this fire, there is no need going into that now because all that has gone into no issue and his attempt to win at the primaries failed, the party nominated senator Dr Stephen Odey set his name to inec, he was the only one that filled the nomination paper of the party in inec, contested the general election on the 5th of December and he won with over one hundred and nineteen thousand votes against his closest rival of the APC who polled about nineteen thousand votes and every attempt made by Rt. Hon. Jarigbe to stop either the issuance of certificate of return failed even his attempt to stop the senate from swearing in failed and even the attempt at the supreme court also failed, At every point he keeps failing.

Eba clarified further that, what the supreme court did, you might look at it from the standpoint of whether there is a victor or vanquish and if there is anybody to be called a vanquish is still Hon. Jarigbe because as at today, the only thing the supreme court did was by the majority decisions of four justices declared jurisdiction and refused to hear the appeal for which leave has been granted to senator Stephen ode from the court of appeal to appeal against a judgement which he was not part of but which he applied to be joined as an interested party, it actually wont have bugged us be cause, on the authority of the supreme court as in the case Barrister Shofulu Chukwueze Onwuka vs PDP, the supreme court has finally put to rest, that if you are not a party to a suit, any order made in that case is not binding on you however we wanted the supreme court to be aware of the Nicodemus and criminally orchestrated arrangement where somebody goes, having a matter in calabar which he lost and uses one of his boys to come and sue him, we wanted to tell the world the diabolical, unpresidential dimension in which our politics was taken and so the supreme court by the decision of the four justices were not courageous enough to look at the substance of the matter in the case but we are console by the decision of the minority particularly one of the justice who came up boldly to decimate her colleagues to say, this kind of judgement is going to put the judiciary in bad light and today that has come to show.

Eba commended the state governor his excellency for the development in cross river state and he calls the state governor, the Lee kwa yun we found again after the one we found in Singapore, the man who collects less than what you could call a paltry sum from FAAC and even from our IGR but when you get to cross river state and you see the line of gigantic project taking on from the civil service dependent state to an industrialize state, today as i speak to you, almost twenty seven industries are almost up and set to rub with about nine already completed running starting from the rice mill, cocoa processing, garment factory, poultry and feed mill, pharmaceuticals company, block molding factory , roofing sheet factory etc and the question has always been, where do you get this money from and the governor has told everybody clearly that, our emphasis is to make sure we provide employment because the experience if #endsars further comes to tell us that the army of young men you found in the community if engage in the proper venture, they will do away with this and today in marking his fifty third birthday anniversary, the governor has open the fabrication academy in west Africa with over seven thousand youths today enrolling to start various trade as students at no cost at all with all the provision made by the government and just recently twenty thousand youths have been engaged across the local government as a way of taking unemployment off the street.

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