Human Capital Development And Youths Empowerment Key Factors To Boost Economy Activities In The Nation – Theo Ebonyi

Human Capital Development And Youths Empowerment Key Factors To Boost Economy Activities In The Nation – Theo Ebonyi

The founder, human capital development expert and Chief responsibility officer, TheoBarth global foundation and Faith on the rock international Apostle Dr Theopholus Ebonyi said human capital development, helping the less privilege and empowering the people are key factors in boosting economic activities, nation building and national development.

Speaking in an interview with journalists recently, he urged youths to shun any form of social vices and be determined in getting to the top through acquisition of skills and hard work.

Dr Ebonyi appeals to the youths not to rely hundred percent on their certificate alone but to rely on what he called sabificate (acquiring skills), there are things to learn that would give you money daily. Its not bad for the youths to learn a trade or acquire some skills because there are diverse of things they can do and earn legitimate money always. He opined, There are individual business that pays more than the government does, So i will advice the youths while they are waiting on the government and in as much as the government can’t fail us, we should be prepared doing something before the government meets us.

The cleric stressed further “I think in empowering the youths and the people in general is a thing of vision and a personal revelation. You can not do what you don’t have the revelation about neither can you enjoy what you are not called to do, So it gives me joy and makes me feel fulfilled any time i get the opportunity to assist the less privilege and empower the people, it really gives me great joy”. Poverty is traceable to some crime and insecurity in the country, however, what you are not, nothing can make you become it, if you are not a criminal no matter the extent of poverty, You will not steal so you don’t become a criminal because there is no money in your pocket but you become a criminal because you choose to become, there are people that are very poor that have not seen up to ten thousand naira or handled it in their lives and they have never been involved in any kind of crime so going into crime of kind is a choice.

Dr Ebonyi urged and appealed to the well to do in the country to atleast empower hundred people in their respective states which he believed will have a positive multiplier effect in the economy and growth of Nigeria. He noted that, “There are several people who are industrious and well to do that can help to empowerment thousands of youths but they are scared of a particular system in the government, when you try to help the less privilege, the government will come after you”.

Dr Ebonyi calls on the government to make it a priority in their policies and duties to create a conducive atmosphere for entrepreneurs, investors, provide social amenities, security, and alleviate the suffering of the people with more interventions as the level of poverty in Nigeria is worrisome, he decried.

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