Stop Cash And Carry Politics, Engr Wada Warns PDP Stakeholders Ahead Of 2023 Election Seaaon

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  candidate in the 2020 governorship election in Kogi state, Engr Musa Wada has warned Party Caucus in the State against unaccounted money politics aimed at hijacking the party structure in the State.

Engr Wada gave this admonition today while addressing some PDP leaders who visited him.

He stressed that, the mode of conducting party primaries should be properly investigated and reviewed, adding that, PDP bigwigs in the State should endeavor to support candidates based on capacity as it relates to competency at the State and National Level, not their usual way throwing support for the highest bidders.

“Kogi state conducts most expensive party primaries in history and in the country at large and that must be discouraged by all relevant stakeholders, if we must put this party in a right track.” He said.

‘The delegates of the party must not be like a commodity in the market, where anybody who have money can come and buy when wanted, but those standing by the party and working for the party with capacity whose understating of the what people wants must not be disappointed, for the people who may come behind the back door with money and hijcak the whole processes.’

‘In our Political dealings, we must place the interest of the masses at heart even as bid to encourage Party supremacy, we can’t continue to make mistakes that can jettison our Party, conducting expensive Primary Election is not only denting the image of our great Party, But also leading to internal Crisis in the system.’

‘Primary Election is an internal affairs, hence the need for Stakeholders to put in place proper machineries to contain errors recorded in recent times.’ He further said.

‘There’s pervasive need to revolutionize the system, we’re very much aware that some people are currently bastardizing the narrative, making it a money making avenue, this should be resisted if we must succeed in the next Political dispensation in the State,’ He concluded.

Engr Musa Wada advise the party leaders to put in mechanism that will work for the victory for the party, instead of perfecting the arrangements for money making.


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