NFGSC Palm Oil Production To Hit 1 Million Litres In 4 Years, To Plant 30,000 Palm Trees

The National Coordinator and Secretary General of the Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFGCS), Retson Tedheke has revealed that the Farm’s palm oil production is expected to hit one million litres in five (5) years. 
To achieve this target, Tedheke said, NFGCS intends to expand its palm tree planting to 30,000. A statement obtained by Summit Post explained that:
“#OCCUPYFARMS: By 2025,  Nigeria Farmers Group & Cooperative Society would have a minimum of 30,000 Palm Trees on 125 hectares Producing 1,000,000 litres of Palm Oil, 50,000 litres of Palm Kernel Oil & 50,000kg of Palm Meal/Cake For Animals Per Annum.” 
He advised Nigerians to prioritize economic tree planting and wait for its future benefits. 
 He said, dedication to Agriculture is capable of solving many problems,” there are so many problems that our dedication to farming and Agriculture can solve.” 
Tedheke identified two key ingredients for sustainable economic growth and development: Land & People.

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