By Omonu Nsg

Kogi East is the largest of the three senatorial districts in Kogi State with nine (9) local governments and 51 per cent of total voter population of the State. 
The senatorial district covers Idah, Ibaji, Igalamela/Odolu, Ofu, Dekina, Ankpa, Olamaboro, Bassa and Omala local governments. The district is currently represented by Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho at the red chamber of the National Asaembly.
Despite its overwhelming political advantage, family loyalty and patronage has destroyed its political stance at the mercy of other senatorial districts. 
First and foremost, I will like to call on all political activists and advocate for good governances within Kogi East to imbibe fairness in her analysis, and also shun bigotry. 
In Kogi East, many things have gone wrong and that has affected the entire Igala kingdom: morally, socio-political and economic spheres. It is pertinent we acknowledge these ills and talk about them loudly. I believe this will send signal to our past leaders of the damages they have caused, and equally prepare the minds of our young ones, especially those aspiring for different political offices. The would-be leaders of Igalas extraction must be made to know that we are not pleased with our past, hence, the urgent need to change tactics, politically.
In 2003, we all know how unified we were and that played a significance role in unseating the then incumbent Governor of Kogi State, late Prince Audu. The grouse of the people against Prince Audu was his inability to pay civil servants’ salaries, especially, Teachers. Audu was also understood,  rightly or weongly to be unmindful of his choice of words during campaigns. Most Kogites, especially, Igala Sons and Daughters feels Prince Audu is too proud, pompous and insultive.  In a bid to remove Audu from office, Igalas option was Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, who spent nine (9) years in office with average performance and left us with major political cracks and division we are still suffering till date.
 I dare mention that because of the role Gov Idris played in installing Capt Idris Wada as his successor, Capt Wada could not do much! He had no freedom or independent as a Governor and that caused him to experience difficulties in his administration, he was put in a tight corner by the power that brought him. He who pays the piper dictates the tune. He left office with little or no tangible projects to account for as most of his time in office was used to pay homages to the power that brought him. 
 In 2015, when Igala people felt like having Prince Abubakar Audu back to ‘insult them and have development’ unlike Wada who never believe in development but only play to the gallery to please federal government that Kogi was debt free. The death of Prince Audu to the cold hands of death saw to the emergency of Governor Yahaya Bello from a minority group, what seems to be impossible in political history of Kogi state. Many people saw Bello:s emergence as the hand of God and the fact that power belongs to God. 
Unarguably, the Igala politics of divide, double standard, greed and  rule play against themselves during 2019 gubernatorial election caused unavoidable defeat of  Engr Musa Wada to the incumbent. It will be insensitive and trivial of anyone to undermine this narrative and continue to trade blame on Governor Yahaya Bello over our deficiencies we failed to acknowledge them.

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