Nigeria’s Major Problem Is Leadership-Abioye

The Vice president of the living faith Church, Bishop David Abioye has said the major problem facing Nigeria is leadership.

Abioye who spoke yesterday on the occasion of his 60th birthday lecture also said the whole African countries are looking up to Nigeria to liberate them from thraldom.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Building Leadership That Last,’ the spiritual father said, ‘If you have rising leaders the followers will rise but if you have a failing leadership the followers will go down the lane. We don’t have problem of material resources in this country, so much of it everywhere including our backyards but the problem we have is leadership and it is all about harnessing human resources.

“Most nations in the west don’t have human resources like we,but they harness human resources. A lead that does not have the hear” , cannot lead .

“Leadership speak for itself. You don’t have to say it.I always believe that leadership is not what you can announced and expect people to subscribe, recognize to and follow.If people are not following you,do not bother telling yourself you are a leader, you are a failure rather”,he said .

On his part, founder and Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ebiyomie said leadership is not about position, before you become a leader,grow yourself, if you become a leader, grow others,but the today,the case has totally change in Nigeria leadership.

“Leadership is about taken a step ahead and that can be from any level. A step to do what others are not willing to do,a step to move forward on what other considered to be small to accomplish in life.When we embrace ourselves with these quality,then we can move our nation to another level.

“We should looks for visionaries, Nigeria talks about election, Statesmen talks about next generation, and politicians talks about next election, therefore,what Nigeria needs now is the Statsemen who talk about next generation”.

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