2023 deceits: Only God can judge- Part 1

The year 2023 may be over two years farther but the intrigues, wranglings and deceits associated with election years in Nigeria are already here. The situation tends to be more tensed in Akwa Ibom, unarguably, one of the most politically active states in the Niger Delta, given its rancouring antecedents in the last two decades.

At present, certain undesirable terminologies are trending in the state: ‘Brutuses’ and ‘Judases’ as well as ‘enemies within’, signifying betrayal, deceits, disloyalty and disunity. To be honest, this is certainly not the best of times for key players in the state particuarly in the ruling Peoples Democratic party, PDP, going by the level of antagonism and mistrust among them, all for the soul of the Hilltop Mansion in 2023.

News have started filtering out confirming rumurs of frosty relationship among stakeholders in the party ahead of the 2023 mundial, amidst accusations and counter-accusatiions, some of which are difficult to decipher by feeble minds. The ongoing media war between two members of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Completion Agenda team gives credence to the disposition of this piece that ‘Only God can judge’ accusations of perceived political deception making rounds in the state ahead of the 2023 governorship election.

Even insiders are afraid that Governor Udom Emmanuel may not be able to produce his successor because of betrayal and deceit from his foot soldiers, political structure, political allies and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, the fate Obong Victor suffered in 2007.

Obong Attah

2023 deceits: Governor Udom Emmanuel with Obong Attah: Is history repeating itself

2023 deceits: Ini Ememobong under scrutiny

Could it be true that a member of the State Executive Council who supposed to be massaging the ego and image of the state government is working against government interest just to achieve his personal ambition? That is the question Akwa Ibom people are battling to answer after the Special Assistant to the Governor on Grassroots Re-orientation, Mr Joseph Okon accused the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Comrade Ini Ememobong of demarketing Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration.

Comrade Ini Ememobong

Comrade Ini Ememobong: In a race to prove his loyalty to his boss

In an exposition entitled “What manner of Information Manager is Ini Ememobong?”, Joseph Okon, questioned the loyalty and commitment of the state information handler in the face of mounting criticisms and media attacks on the governor under Comrade Ini Ememobong’s watch.

“What manner of Information Commissioner is Ini Ememobong and whose interest is he actually serving? Who planted this mole in Udom Emmanuel’s administration? And what is his mission?, Okon queried.He identified the Information and Strategy Commissioner, Comrade Ini Ememobong, as one of those in (enemies within) Governor Udom Emmanuel’s government who pretend to be saints but do not believe in the government, having surroundes “himself with those who vilify the governor and his government on a daily basis”.

“The question now is, in whose interest is Ini Ememobong the commissioner for information? Why are the same people who work hand in gloves with him, and who praise the commissioner to high heavens; yes the ones abusing and attacking his boss the governor, calling him all kinds of unprintable names?

“Is it not baffling that every media scavenger who abuses and insults the governor on a regular basis is in the commissioner for information’s media team? He draw up funds from this same government they demonize to pay and cultivate them monthly.

“This evil conspiracy to hold the Governor to ransom in 2023 will not work. It will not place him on any advantage position as he will soon be consumed with his gang in their conspiracy if he doesn’t repent,” he warned.

The accusations of trickery and 2023 deceits against Comrade Ini Ememobong came as a surprise to many. The young and philanthropic gentleman has steadily worked his ways into the hearts of Akwa Ibom people. As the accuser him admitted, Barr Ini Ememobong’s “appointment as Information Commissioner elicited some hope”, especially in the media realms.

Observers were unanimous that the development  had signalled the ray of Hope for future of Akwa Ibom but undoubtedly the emerging development and trials have presented him with a daunting task ahead of 2023.

Grooming ‘traitors’ as successors?

At the swearing-in of the immediate past State Chairman of PDP, Obong Paul Ekpo as Chairman, State  Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), alongside  expressed other board members, on 3rd March, 2021, Governor Udom Emmanuel was  quoted as expressing disappointment over the level of betrayal the PDP structure ahead of 2023

“So when you hear people going about taking oath for N20,000. We have preached this thing over and over again. It is the highest level of treachery and whoever is treacherous can never go unpunished. Whether you say Amen or not, whoever is treacherous can never go unpunished.

“Check everybody who had ever been treacherous can never go unpunished. We gave you something to keep, we come back, you say no, it is no more there for you. Who else gave you? We gave you. We could as well done it our own selves.”

The allegation of “evil conspiracy to hold the Governor to ransom in 2023” levelled against Comrade Ini Ememobong has thrown up another version of 2023 deceits in the state. It has been alledged that among those accused of treachery against the governor are potential heirs to the Hilltop Mansion throne.

The Comrade Commissioner has been tipped as the potential successor of governor come 2023 given his rising profile, acceptance and popularly but it appears he has a test of loyalty to pass.

The cloud of goodwills he has enjoyed during these trying times might have provided him some consolations and confidence as his supporters insisted that the attacks are calculated blackmails aimed at diverting the governor’s attention from the real traitors.

Mbiam scare as 2023 deceits

Governor Udom Emmanuel has not hidden his hated for and disapproval induced political loyalty through fetish oath taking called Mbiam politics that has allegedly become a culture in Nigerian politics. But reports say some not his key supporters believe the governor’s disposition may his bane in the race to produce his successor.

To give the governor deniability,  some appointees in his cabinet have hatched a plot to take the bull by the horn uunder the pretext of mobilising statutory delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, ahead of the primariesm

Spearheaded by a Commissioner from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district, the saw some allies of the Governor approaching him with a proposal that, rather than invest money in the party which may end up empowering his opponents, money should be released for onward disbursement to would-be delegates but without a condition. But media reports claimed the plot itself is a scam aimed at defrauding the governor.

To be continued……


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