Rohingya Plight: The Burmese Karma

For several years, the Myanmar military criminally connived with Aung Sung Su kyi, using her civilian government apparatus, and with active connivance of a lowly ethnic-oriented citizenships of the Burmese population, to torment on the Rohingya Muslim population. The crudity of the principle of the attack on the Rohingya Muslims is not only ugly and nauseating, but also overly sub-human: the Rohingya Muslims were ethnically profiled, and then religiously marked for attack by a crude citizenship, who then enlisted the powers and strength of their military to commit ethnic cleansing, with the admission of the formality of Aung Sung Su Kyi as a civilian leader to commit atrocities.
In unison of that bad Burmese trio (Su Kyi, the Burmese Military and their crude citizens), they killed and maimed the Rohingya Muslims men, they killed and raped their women, and then destroyed their dwellings. The chronicling of human suffering of the Rohingya Muslims was not enough. The sub-human hands worked towards expelling the Rohingya Muslims from their birth-right land. They did this through adding a rogue diplomacy to their arsenals of a wicked military and a sub-civil, sub-democratic Aung Sung Su Kyi’s government. 
When the civil international community cried out on behalf of the Rohingya Muslims victims, through civil outcries and judicial procedures at the International Criminal Court, at the Hague, Aung Sung Su Kyi, herself, went to the Hague to defend the sub-human behaviour she had exhibited together with her military and rogue civilian population. 
Now, it is payback time. The toxic and bloodthirsty arms and hands of the Myanmar Military are still alive, active and itching. There are no Rohingya Muslims to attack. But there is an Aung Sung Su Kyi government to topple. They have violently done this, thus arresting her and some of her close aides. The Myanmar Military has also expelled and put on-the-run many of those who criminally helped it to stamp out the Rohingya population. Better still, the Myanmar Military has turned its guns against its civilian population, killing dozens on a daily basis – the very toxic civilian population who tormented and expelled the Rohingya Muslims. 
When they connived to attack the Rohingya Muslims, the Burmese government, Military and crude population didn’t understand how much they had set themselves at destroying their country. They didn’t understand that an attack on one was an attack on the country. Now, Myanmar (formerly Burma) is seriously bleeding of the blood of its citizens. Myanmar actually started bleeding at the first blood of the Rohingya Muslims. It will continue bleeding until justice is found. This is a natural law: some call it Karma. 
So many wrongs are today avenged here, even before the beyond. As long as the Rohingya Muslims remain uncatered for, the spirits of their sufferings will continue to pitch their enemies against each other. The Burmese are reaping what they sowed: hatred, wickedness and lowliness. Jameel Mohamed

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