When I arrived Funtua from Lagos last month, a task I took upon myself is to visit my Alma mater, Hauwa Community College Funtua. My decision to visit boils out of the story making rounds that Hauwa Community College is no longer operating. In company of a good friend, Omar Farooq, we visited to see things for ourselves.
The moment we step into the school environment, my blood boil in righteous anger. The school that was once a beacon of Funtua city has been left to rot in dilapidation. What use to be the most reputable secondary school across Funtua Zone envied by most of its peers has turned a graveyard of abject stagnation. Our foots echoes as we step into empty classrooms which instead of giving shelter to students, are housing rats who crawl out of their holes and the sticky spider webs in every corner above the roof. Then came the nesting birds flying from wall to wall. The dangling iron doors and windows dancing to the directions of the blowing wind. Broken chairs scattered and covered by thick dust. In short the school was in complete mess. No single student no staff, not even a watchman.

For many of us, Hauwa Community College is more than just a school. It’s where we were breed and honed academically and set on the pathway to career choice and dream actualization. Founded in the 90s by the most brilliant Pan-Africanist/Nationalist Nigeria has ever  produced, Late Dr Tajudeen Abdulraheem of blessed memory, Hauwa Community College was established upon the philosophy of charitably giving the best of education to children of the less privilege at a very low cost. 
In Hauwa Community College, late Dr Tajudeen Abdulraheem builds a legacy that makes the world a better place for all.  The kind of golden sole-print meant to last in the sands of time. Hauwa Community College remains the only project for which a rare gem like late Tajudeen Abdulraheem is been remembered in his birth place of Funtua.


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