Hoodlums Attacks Model Primary School

The security officer of Model Primary School (MPS), Maitama, Amirize Ibezimakor has cried out that his life is under threats.

The Head Mistress of the school,Ms Catherine Rengkwar said they have reported the case to the police and Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMMAC) Chief Security Officer, who is in charge of Abuja Primary School security,and the necessary action would be taken in that regard.

Addressing the journalist yesterday in Abuja, he said the Junior Secondary School boys, Maitama are after his life, saying that he has not received the kind of beating he got from the hoodlums.

According to him,as at 12:45pm yesterday,over 50 Students from Junior Secondary School, Maitama came to Model Primary School,but the security guard stopped them from entering the school premises but they retrieved.

“They came back in the afternoon,at 1:30pm when the school has closed and some boys bagged into the school premises with the cutlass and stocks by the gate side, immediately I came out to asked them what is happening,they started beating me .

“Why did you stopped us from entering into the school this morning?we will kill you and nothing will happen.I have never received that kind of beating in my life .

“This is the fouth times times that i stopped this type of incident at the school but this time around came to me directly because my life is always on frontline”,he said .

Ibezimakor also said that something strange happened this morning, about 9:45am when a MOPO officer came to school with his four children in a car,he wanted to wanted to enter with his but I refuse from doing so because is against the school policy.

He said the officer made an attempt of arresting him before the head teacher ,some other staff and parent intervened but he told me that”I will see and I will deal with you very soon”.

Ibezimakor called on the relevant stakeholders,schools management to investigate the officer thoroughly because he don’t know what he meant by that statement.

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