The challenges for Nigerian Artists Is Lack Of Structure-Young Sturna

Young sturna

A Kogi born R&B crossover singer and song writer, Ali Abdulkashim and goes with the stage name, Young Sturna,has said the main challenges for Nigerian musicians is lack of structure.

He was born and brought up in Ajobe part of Ankpa,Kogi State, Nigeria and has been doing music even right from the age twelve.

Sturna ,made this known during interview with Love FM,in Abuja on Tuesday, said we do not have a proper system of tracking records. For instance,in South Africa, Us ,artists go gold if they sell 200,000 copies and platinum if they sell 2 million. In Nigeria, there is no way to know how much one is selling. People on the streets have been selling records without permission, despite Copyright Commission (NCC),is doing their best to restrict them.

“It has been tough for me ,as there are many challenges in the industry. This is such a saturated market; we are blessed with an astonishing amount of talent, so it is tough for anyone to succeed.

“What made me stand out was my uniqueness. I have always been different. My music is typically R&B, but with a contemporary twist. I can moved to any category of song because I Know my worth and I know what I can offer the society,”he said.

He, however,revealed that he and fellow Young Tizee would be dropping something soon.

Sturna is a young promising artist in the likes of Simple Boy and Young Tizee. Although he is shy and new to the camera, there’s this air of confidence behind all the shyness.

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