Be Hardworking, Value And Invest Your Time Wisely, Chimark Boss Urges Youths -Marksman

By Isaac Michael 

Chimark Marksman Ijomah (Dsc) is a Nigerian philanthropist with a difference, African youth ambassador, chairperson chimark foundation, President and CEO of Chimark group, one of Nigeria’s leading organization with wide range of businesses focused on making Nigeria, the world better, empowering the people and mentoring future leaders.

Speaking recently, Marksman urged the youths to be hardworking, value and invest their time wisely. He said “Time is the most precious capital, the major difference between the poor and the rich is in the way they use their time. To the rich, time is money, it is a convertible resource, and until you value time, you’ll never value money.One of the smart things you can do is to invest part of your time, improving yourself and acquiring skills. Investing time studying a course is a tremendous investment. It will save you years of toiling at lower levels of achievement. Invest your time wisely he decried. 
Marksman said “Listen! Never give up when protocol restricts you from accessing the one you desire to access. Visibility is always easier at the top not at the bottom. Never belittle yourself, give up on your convictions or lower your character just because you think it won’t matter since no one knows you yet. The person you are hoping to meet is also hoping to meet you someday. Mutual value makes attraction and access mutual and easier. Sustained output of value and perseverance in the face of daunting challenges will eventually connect you both at the top. Joseph, David and Daniel all appeared at the palace because they sustained consistency in deploying their gifts irrespective of initial resistance.
In conclusion, Marksman affirmed, all we have God gave us and encouraged that, consistency, diligence and hard work pays handsomely.

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