Zamfara Govt Denies Existence Of Airstrip For Exporting Illegally Mined Minerals

The alleged Airstrip through which gold and other minerals that are said to be illegally mined in Zamfara State and are exported to Dubai, does not exist in the state.
Investigations in Zamfara have shown that the state does not have any such forest and or topography as is being claimed in a video clip that has been circulating on the social media.
Some stakeholders in the mining sector, have also denied the existence of such forest.
They described the said video as the handiwork of those who do not want peace to reign in Zamfara State.
Salisu Gusau and Umaru Aminu, are miners and both indigenes of Zamfara State.
They debunked the claim.
They said in the first place, Zamfara State does not have such a forest and topography, and that there are no gold processing companies in the state. The miners also said, professional mining is yet to commence in the state, but what they were doing before the ban in January 2019 by the Federal Government, was a confirmatory exploration, to get data, know the reserve estimation, and the value of the gold.
The stakeholders described the said video clip as counterintelligent, saying that the mineral deposit in the state belonged to the Federal Government that has security apparatus to investigate, arrest and prosecute perpetrators, as well as ensure the security and safety of the residents.
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The Zamfara State Commissioner for Information, Ibrahim Dosara, refuted the video clip.
He said it does not emanate from Nigeria and Zamfara State in particular.
He said the aircraft is not Nigerian and that Zamfara State does not have such forest.
The Zamfara State information Commissioner, Ibrahim Dosara reaffirmed that the Zamfara State government is law-abiding, and is ready to cooperate and support the Federal government’s effort to tackle illegal miners in the state.-AIT

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