Hisbah Arrests 30 In Kano For Selling Pork Meat, ‘Burkutu Drink’

The Kano State Hisbah Board says it has arrested 30 suspects over the sale of pork, dog meat, and locally brewed beer, popularly known as Burkutu, in the state.

Addressing journalists over the arrest, the Commander-General of Hisbah, Haroun Ibn-Sina, said the suspects were arrested on Sunday at Agangara, Badawa area of Nassarawa Local Government of the state.

According to him, the arrest followed series of complaints from the residents of the area.

Mr Ibn-Sina noted that the board swung into action by dispatching its surveillance team for investigation.

After the investigation was concluded, according to him, the board uncovered that these items were being sold openly in the area.

“This is unacceptable in a Muslim state like Kano,” Mr Ibn-Sina lamented.

He said: “It was a joint operation at Agangara in Badawa area of Nassarawa Local Government.“

The operation came following series of complaints from the residents that the place is a threat to their peaceful coexistence.

“That prompted us to dispatch our surveillance team for discreet investigation. On surveillance, they found out that beer is sold openly.

“They also found out that dog meat and pork were sold openly.

“The report submitted by the team revealed that sexual activities are rampant at the place. Gambling is also an order of the day there.“

That is why the Hisbah board swung into action to ensure that the illicit acts being perpetrated there are stopped.

“Because Kano is an Islamic State and drinking beer and eating dog meat and pork is prohibited by law of the state.

“That is why we sought the support of Police, NDLEA, NSCDC and even immigration and customs officers to launch a joint operation.

“We raided the area and arrested the suspects. They thought the operation would be conducted by only Hisbah as they started taking weapons to attack us,” Mr Ibn-Sina disclosed.

The Hisbah commander-general disclosed that those arrested with hard drugs had been handed over to the NDLEA while other suspects had since been prosecuted.

While warning that the state government would not condone any act of immorality in the state, Mr Ibn-Sina hinted that the government would demolish all the shops in the area.

Daily Nigerian

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