ICDA clarifies controversial title of Waziri by Ejẹ Dekina

The Igala Socio-Cultural Group, Igala Cultural Development Association, ICDA, has clarified the controversial turbaning of one Bulus as Waziri. 
In a statement, the ICDA clarified that the so-called title was Waziri Nupe of Dekina and not Waziri Dekina.
The designer of that card made an error there.
Just like what we talked about last month on Coronation and Beading of Ochada Onu-Ife.
The cards read Turbaning Ceremony of Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Idris as Ochada Onu-Ife, I was among those that rose to challenge Abu Ibro media team and it was later change to Beading ceremony and was beaded as Ochada Onu-Ife.
1) Alhaji Danjuma Waziri is never an Igala man and has not claimed to be one.
2) Ejeh Dekina is not Turbaning an Igala man with such title and has not done that before and will never do it.
3) Waziri Title has been the title of Leader of Nupe People living and carrying out their Businesses in Dekina for years.
4) Danjuma’s Grandfather, Baba Waziri Nupe as we grew to meet was Waziri of Nupe in Dekina.
5) Waziri Nupe Dekina is just like Onu Igala Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt and other places.
6) These are clarifications needed to know about the Turbaning Ceremony of Alhaji Danjuma Waziri.

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