US Law Group Alleges Leah Sharibu Delivers Second Child, Three Years After

The US-Nigeria Law Group on Monday said that intelligence received on the status of Leah Sharibu, indicates that she has delivered a second child in captivity.

This is as the US based group said that this was despite an offer by an American pastor last month to surrender himself in exchange for Leah’s freedom, for which there has been no tangible response from her captors.

The group however said that while it has not corroborated the present status of Leah by multiple sources, it however said that a usually knowledgeable source indicated that she delivered a second child late last year.

These were contained in a statement commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the Dapchi schoolgirl mass abductions, particularly the 3rd anniversary of the abandonment of heroine Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu on March 21, in which it noted that; “This means both children were born in 2020 as the terrorists announced her child birth earlier in the year. We’re still investigating it”.

The Law Group further said that notwithstanding, there is a full scale onslaught on education in Nigeria by Islamist extremists that include; Boko Haram wars against education, Bandits kidnapping school kids en masse and Kwara state government igniting, then aided and abetted religious violence against Christian mission school owners in Ilorin over the hijab controversy.

The statement which was signed by its Coordinator, Mr Emmanuel Ogebe noted that not only have terrorists targeted schools but even the state government has targeted Christian schools in violation of the historical agreements reached on their rights as proprietors to maintain their ethos and credos.

The group also noted that in Gombe state, the government has ignited, aided, abetted and incited religious violence against the majority Christian community of Tangale by appointing a Muslim who lost the election by kingmakers over the Christian who won and was better qualified not only as a medical doctor but one with significant international exposure, as chief.

It further said; “The governor’s recorded remarks calling for arming of youths to shut down legitimate protesters makes him complicit for any atrocities that result”.

The Law Group noted that the reason why the US and UN do not as a principle negotiate with terrorists is not for lack of funds or concern but strategic, in order not to create a precedent that will make citizens or diplomats become easy profit targets for kidnappers!

It declared that there must be consequences under the rule of law, adding that instead foreign Fulanis can now monetize kidnapping Nigerians with impunity.

According to the group; “Bad governance has consequences as does lack of principles. No nation that makes a value system where terrorists are rewarded by the government and graduates are tortured by government’s SARS can thrive.

“This is why we told the ICC that there’s no justice for terrorism in Nigeria. The government has created a hostage cottage industry and vulnerable schoolchildren are now being ranched and sold like cattle for the benefit of both the bandits and complicit beneficiaries and collaborators in government,” it said.

The Law Group stressed that it is clear that the Nigerian Federal government and some state governments are not just making Nigeria a failed state by misgovernance but are actively agitating crisis and chaos and systematically destroying the nation for whatever reasons.

It declared that until Leah is released, she remains a poster child and symbol of a failed state that can’t protect its children.


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