Governor Yahaya Bello’s announcement that he would be running for Nigerian presidency in 2023 has been met with such immediate uproar. You might be confused into thinking that presidential elections are something Nigerians take seriously. In reality, Nigerian citizens have a propensity for electing slightly hard individuals, with a lion kind of mentality including one with a garrison behavior and commanding attitudes. The good news is there are plenty of reasons to queue behind Governor Yahaya Bello 2023 Presidential bid. Governance and political leadership in Nigeria has been driven by self-interest and other primordial considerations which take priority over that of public interest and the. Political leaders are so entrenched in their self-interest way of doing political business that our country has become an ungovernable mess since the return of democracy in 1999. The state has failed in three major areas: Security of lives and properties, promotion of the rule of law, and provision of visionary leadership. And this explains the Nigerian state of incapacity for effective governance. We need somebody to make a generational political leadership shift and clean out these stables.Governor Bello is an outstanding young man among the Governors who is not strait-jacketed by the politically correct chains that prevent our leaders from speaking the truth. He has a long and continued history as an unafraid politician and a dogged fighter, with an enduring capacity. A man who set an ambitious goals for himself and move heaven and earth to meet them, a detribalize man who has change the narrative of Kogi State Politics. His presidency will demonstrate to Nigerians the desire for generational shift and a bold leadership in a new direction that will tackle social issues. Yes, some people may see Bello’s languages as intemperate, often insulting, and not particularly noble and others may considers him contumacious  and disagreeing  with popular opinion as we see during his argument with the staff of Nigeria  centre for diseases  control  some time last year. But in a research presented at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 108th Annual Convention in Washington D.C., some time ago, the personality traits of all 41 U.S. presidents were analyzed and compared with historian’s views of presidential greatness and it was discovered that, two traits are associated with great presidents and these are stubbornness and disagreeableness. And besides being stubborn and disagreeable, great presidents are more extraverted, open to experience, assertive, achievement striving, excitement seeking and more open to fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas and values. Historically great presidents were low on straightforwardness, vulnerability and order (the qualities Governor Bello is demonstrating today). As the driver of a divine new direction Government, it takes this kind of trait(s) to reverse the ugly trend of ghost workers through genuine and impartial processes, visiting hinter land (Oganenigu and other community)  to restore peace and order, embark on infrastructural revolution across senatorial district, uniting all kogite by eliminating tribal sentiments and empowering people to generate massive employment to reduce crime, poverty and  hunger in the  confluence state. His presidency is germane to eradication of impoverishment, sociopolitical instability, high degree of corruption, mass hostility, poor macro economic management and engage in infrastructural development, unstem the tides of insurgency and terrorism which have  derail the country’s moderate political development.  A vote for anybody other than Governor Bello is a vote for  uninterrupted regretNigeria be wise
Long live Kogi StateLong live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!Long live Governor Yahaya Bello
BY:  Comr. Hussein  A. AlokoNational Coordinator Confluence Transformation AmbassadorWrite from Lokoja Nigeria.08133907077Email:

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