My Encounter With Ismaila Maihanci Yushau, by Gaddafi Ibrahim Tanko

Some are born great, Some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them’”William Shakespeare”

As a member of the society who has realized that to succeed in today’s world, one needs to build networks and connections across the various strata of our society, and across the various religious, and ethnic divides.
It is in this regard that I have come to the realization that  success in today’s world is not as easy as one is made to believe, this has ultimately made me to associate myself with successful, intelligent and cerebral personalities in our society.

I came in contact with HON ISMAILA MAIHANCI YUSHAU through the spirited efforts of my brother and friend, the Very pragmatic, Nasiru Malami danburam, a young man who is gifted with foresight, hindsight and a high sense of humility.

DAN MALIKIN ZING is a man who is materially blessed beyond the estimation of what anybody can think of, but at the same time very humane and compassionate. He is not carried away by the glory of success and the messianic arrogance of his peers who think they have made it and have seen it all.

In our entire discussion, one statement that ran deep down into my heart, is where he said Gaddafi “my basic concern is my people and members of the youths constituency, I am not driven by political consideration while extending my philanthropic gestures to the needy, we might be opportune today and some other persons will be the ones opportune tomorrow, that’s why I want posterity to be fair to me, I want to be remembered for the good I have done for the society within my available means.”

As I strolled out of the elitist New Yorker relaxation spot located in the highbrow Maitama district of Abuja, where I and HON MAIHANCI had met One thing came to my mind that indeed we still have men of conscience in this country whom despite there privileged status still feel the pulse of the downtrodden 

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