MPSM Attacks: Hoodlums Haven’t Honoured The Agreement – School Guard

The security officer of the Model Primary School Maitama has said the agreement reached by the principal, head teacher and Chief Security officer in Local Education on Authority/AMMAC has not been honoured by the attackers.

It was recalled that a school guard, Mr Amirize Ibezimakor was attacked by the Junior  Secondary School Maitama recently and he was beaten merciless because he could not allow the  them with cutlasses and sticks to enter into the school premises.

Ibezimakor, in a statement made available newsmen yesterday in Abuja, said they have reached the resolution that attackers would be responsible for the damages, also responsible for paying the medical and transportation fare bills, but till this moment, I have not hear anything from in regards to our resolution.

The statement read in part: “On the 19/03/2021 a resolution was reached by the principal, vice principal, disciplinary  committee and the head teacher model primary school maitama and Amirize Ibezimakor including the chief security officer  local education authority/AMMAC on phone conversation during the meeting.

“We agreed that the hoodlums involved will produce their parents and they will sign an undertaken and apology letter and pay for my medical bills and transportation which amount #5,000.but up to date none of the resolution has been met.

“Isah Usman,who is in jss1B is  amongst those that committed the heinous crime, who was caught with model junior secondary  school Maitama uniform and locked up at the security post, but the junior secondary school maitama was call upon and their school management sent a delegation to pick him up for thorough interrogation.

“Isa mentioned his gang  that committed this wild full acts, one Rabiu Salisu  from jss 1b ,and shehu sa’ad in jss 1c mention their respective classes and other flew, but from the investigation,it  was confirmed that they are all students from model junior secondary school maitama,” he said.

He noted that the Usman Yusuf who is the father to Kamaludeen Yusuf in  primary 6B at model primary school maitama has express his gratitude to Mr Amirize Ibezimakor for saving his son’s life.

Speaking to the police men in maitama police station abuja,he said my  son Kamaludeen would have been killed by those hoodlums on in the school if mr.Amirize ibezimakor had grant them access into the school premises.

“I have lodged my complains to the school management through the head teacher mrs.catherine Rengkwar,but nothing was done since last year, now they are after my son’s life,”he said .

Mr Yusuf has called on the appropriate authority and other stakeholders including the  Abuja local education authority to put  an end to this menace within schools in municipal area council in abuja before the hoodlums do more harm to these Innocent children.

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  1. in a school with cutlasses? can they really be students or another trick to start kidnapping in our schools in FCT.pls our govenment should do something urgently.


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