Benedict Tembo turns 25 with Zambia Daily Mail

If you haven’t met Benedict Tembo, you have mostly likely heard about him.
Benedict Kanjombe Tembo, or simply put BT, is one of Zambia’s best known journalists because of his affable personality and, of course, unmatched predatory journalistic instinct.

For 25 years, BT has been, plying the journalism field with admirable passion and utmost commitment. And he’s letting none of those attribute slip through his hands yet.

At Zambia Daily Mail Limited, where he has been for almost the whole of his career, he is a blessing to all – his counsel, infectious smile and generosity make him the darling (yes, darling) of all.

And where has journalism not taken him? Simply put, he’s been to all continents and, not once! He’s covered some of the biggest events in the world of sport.

Yes, along the way, he has raffled a few feathers because of his knack for investigative journalism practice but, more importantly, he has made friends. He gets wat in journalism parlance is called a SCOOP.

He has over the years bequeathed knowledge to many journalists who have gone on to hold senior positions in private and public institutions.

Yet his disposition has remained humble, with bolts of unexpected jolts.
“Covering the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia was a great moment for me. This was my first time to fly out of Africa,” he reminisces with nostalgia.

Today, as workmates, we celebrate him for his dedication to service, achievements and for helping Zambia Daily Mail get to its current status as the leading newspaper in Zambia.

Mr Tembo joined Daily Mail in 1996 and has worked on many desks, with the bulk of the period spent on sports.
Currently, he is Editorials editor but his new role has not stopped him from doing what he is passionate about – sports and feature writing.

Congratulations BT on this achievement. You’re a torch bearer, an unsung hero for many people in this noble fraternity.

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