IYC frowns at Cultural Aberration in Igala kingdom

The Exco appreciated members and leaders who ensured the release of our members (Edibo Ismaila aka BigShow and Shaibu Mohammed aka Amoo) from station who were unjustly held in police custody in a kidnap-like arrest on spurious  allegations.
The Exco equally expressed their displeasure over the nonchalant attitude of some of our members towards the progress and development of the Council especially the attempt by some persons to sabotage the efforts to secure the release of our members.
The Council under the leadship of Hon Onogu Collins Monday  frowned at those disguised members who have constituted themselves as divisive agents of the enemies of Igala kingdom. 
The Exco warned them to retract and retrace their steps before the big hammer of several sanctions including but not limited to reporting them to our potent ancestors fall on them.
IYC leadership condemned in strong terms the importation of strange/foreign titles as well as cultural identity into Igala Kingdom.
The Igala Youth Council (IYC), made the following resolutions:
That; The very 27th day of August every year is “Igala Youth Day” this is in honour of our paramount ruler HRM Ata Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II to commemorate the day he embarked on everlasting hunting journey to the great beyond.
Recall, that HRM AGABAIDU Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II, founded the IYC on 27th March, 2015 to meet the compelling need to unite, reorientate and rebirth our almost fizzling out unity, culture and tradition and strong warrior like disposition of our people and kingdom.
2. The permanent venue of the Igala Youth Day is Idah – the ancestral home of Igala Nation.
3. The following competitions shall be organized to mark the day;
(a)Wrestling tournament (UJA IYA/Otabana) where the greatest warrior of Igala Kingdom shall emerge.
(b) Hunting tournament where the greatest of all hunters (ONU ỌDẸ) shall emerge from perfect aimers using Bowls and Arrows.
(c) Beauty Pageant shall be organized yearly where INIKPI of Igala Kingdom shall emerge.
4. IYC also resolved to write the Federal Government of Nigeria to demand that the Boundary Commission be directed to honour existing document to fully demarcate and ceed Ete back to Igala Kingdom (Kogi State) properly.
(5) IYC resolved to  tour round our traditional leaders in view of the obvious modern day cultural aberration and absurdities that is fast taking root with our traditional institution.
Signed:Michael Achor JoshuaPublicity SecretaryFor: Igala Youth Council

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