12 Nigerians Accredited For 2021/2022 FIBA Competitions

Following the conclusion of 2021 FIBA Match Commissioner and Referees exams on Monday 22nd, March, 12 Nigerians have been accredited for the 2021/2022 international window.

Current Technical Representative on the Nigeria Basketball Federation, Adamu Janlong was retained as Match Commissioners alongside Adeola Oboro and Akisehinde Ishola.

Lai Alimi made a return to the continent as a certified referee alongside renowned FIBA referee, Kingsley Ojeaburu.

Others are Lagos based Samuel Shofoluwe, Ayodeji Oladeji (Ibadan), Afolabi Ikuomola (Lagos), Opeyemi Ogunla (Abuja) and Gambo Musa.

New entrant Fatima Ibrahim (Abuja) was the only female that passed the exam and physical test.

She is set to make her debut on the continent alongside Samuel Nuhu (Abuja) who completed the 12-man list.

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