UK Prime Minister, Johnson, Applauds Nigerian Born UK Investment Strategist, Omale

The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has commended the Nigerian born UK Development and investment strategist, Dr Samson Adaga Omale, for his excellent track records and unparalleled expertise, even as he emphasised that his valuable contribution will in no small measure contribute to the success of his Conservative Party, in May election. 
Johnson, who communicated this to Dr Omale, in a letter said: “I’ve just addressed our Party’s first ever virtual Spring Forum. I wish to express my personal gratitude to you. “If you weren’t able to catch my speech, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all you do as a key member of our Party.
“I know how much hard work you’re doing and how vital your support is to our Party.
“And going into an unprecedented set of elections in May your support will be more crucial than ever before.Because whilst these elections will be tough, with your help I know we’ll be able to take our great one nation message across the country.” 
The Conservative Party leader indicated the hope that with the support of Dr Samson Agada Omale and other like him, his party will triumph in the election, hence, the opportunity to continue the implementation of his Party’s vision of “One strong and dynamic Conservative Government, investing in ourpublic services, alongside a vast and creative private sector, which jab by jab and job by job will see us on the road to recovery. And a Party that in spite of the pandemic continues to deliver on itspromises and delivers far better value for money across the country.
He urged Samson Agada to participate actively, when campaigns commenced. 
In retrospect, Dr Samson Agada was born on the 21 December, 1958, in Ikem –Ogugu, Olamaboro Local  Government, Kogi Stated. He is married with children. 
Dr Samson Agada Omale is a city of London Consultant, a deft and result-oriented International Capital Market Professional with proven records of accomplishments in product development and strategy. 
As the President/CEO of Rock Global Investment Network London, he is involved in investment management, training and consultancy.  He combines intellectualism with practical applications of what he teaches his clients world over. 
Dr Samson Agada Omale also has an edge in capital market and banking products, entrepreneurship, financial regulation and supervision.

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