ECOWAS Parliament approves strategic plan, to focus on priority areas

From  Linus Aleke, Sierra Leone

The ECOWAS Parliament, today adopted the fifth legislature’s draft strategic plan, 2020 to 2024.
The parliament said that the strategic plan identifies program areas, with themes and priority areas that would systematically assist the Parliament in executing its mandate, as defined by the Supplementary Act. 
It added that the Strategic Plan will provide direction in decision making and allocation of resources to enable Parliament attain its goals, saying “It will also allow us to focus on our mandates and top priorities.
“It will provide guidance on the efficient and effective utilization of scarce resources. In addition, it will serve as the basis for Monitoring and Evaluating of the performance of Parliament during the tenure of the current Legislature,” the regional Legislature said. 
It further expressed optimism that the Plan will serve as a spring board to launch a new revolution that brings the Community Parliament closer to the people. 
The strategic document disclosed that the ECOWAS Parliament, for the purpose of the 5th Legislature, has adopted its Vision and Mission as follows: “Vision, emergence of a citizen – oriented parliament aimed at fostering the ideas of integration.
“Mission, to promote citizens’ represention, participation ownership in decision-making”.
On the strategic orientation, the document also reveals that since its inception in 2000, the ECOWAS Parliament has remained a body that represents the interest of the people in the West Africa integration process.
That focus it said has never changed, except that the style may vary from one leadership to another.
While noting that the ECOWAS Parliament is relatively assured of basic funding due to the advantages derivable from Community Levy, the strategic plan pointed out that lack of dedicated membership at the ECOWAS Parliament has effects on the conduct of its programes and activities.
It conclueded that in order to implement this plan, an annual work plan would be drawn, giving further details of activities that are to be implemented each year.

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