Nyanya Refuse Dump: AEPB of filt and the looming Cholera

The failure of Abuja Environmental Protection Board, AEPB, to properly coordinate the cleanup of Nyanya, a satellite town of FCT is not only disastrous, disgraceful and shameful but portends danger to the health of residence. 
The refuse heep that waves road users good bye at the pedestrian bridge, phase 1 primary school is not only appalling but sickening. 
This is a refuse heep that have defiled commonsense. First, assigning a strategic place like road side as refuse dump, defeats the grains of the 21st century logic or commomsense. 
Apart from the fact that the location has a primary school behind it, which can compromise the health of the pupils, the once a week clearing of the refuse dump complicates the already messy traffic gridlock on that axis.
The health of the pupils whose body system is too tender to withstand the stench oozing out of the dump is at high risk. It is amazing how the AEPB cannot get another space out of the  7,315 km2 FCT land mass to use as refuse dump instead of advertising our failure on the access road linking nine (9) states of Plateau, Borno, Yobe, Nasarawa, Taraba, Benue Gombe, Bauchi, Kaduna.
Given the strategic nature of this road, won’t it have been sensible for the AEPB to move the refuse dump site away from road side, around which is a primary school, football field and businesses like car stand? 
If as Nigerians, we have lost our sense of sanity, what of the Ambassadors, Envoys and members of the diplomatic community that passes through the road everyday. Will they be wrong, if they call us whatever names they like? With the reek that hit every passenger that passes there, can’t someone convince AEPB to do something?
If not for anything, should the health of our minors not be of utmost concern to us? Should this also be added to the harsh condition under which our children are forced to learn? 
In scanner climes, no waste is a waste. All wastes are recycled to useable items. Since it seems we have all lost sense of what is good, we can at least, have shame to clear common refuse and relocate the dump to secluded place, where it would not constitute danger to the health of residence of the area.
AEPB, you are not only set up to collect revenue but work to protect the health of residents of the FCT. Do your work.
Omonu Gowon-Nelson is an Abuja based journalist. 

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