The Excellence in His Excellency Gov Yahaya Bello

One man we know in Nigeria of today who bears not only the title of ‘His Excellency’ but excellent in his output, attitude and altitude in leadership is His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state.

It could become the first time in the history of Nigeria that a young leader would be so desired and celebrated across all zones and sectors including prominent and well respected soccer stars and movie industry leaders.

In less than 24 hours after a novelty football match was played between the former stars of the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the New Direction Team of Kogi State government in recognition of the excellent contribution of the governor, towards youth development in the nation, the supporters of the Super Eagles across the globe have given another green light to the many green lights the governor has garnered.

The supporters of the Nigeria national Football team -Super Eagles- across the world, earlier today, honoured Bello with an award of excellence.

It’s no doubt that a turning point has come for Nigeria. Aside shopping for Bello whose report card is covered with excellent remarks coming from women, young and old, Nigerian heroes like Jay Jay Okocha who knows that only a middle man who goes to market in Enugu because it’s situated at the back of his house and goes to farm in Kaduna which is a stone throw away from him can actually unify Nigeria. As a middle-beltan, Bello understands the language of the Ikwere people in Rivers and speaks the Gbagyi language of Kaduna.

The concern of Nigerians have shifted from people being addressed as “His/Her Excellency,” the excellent of such leaders is what the people have now chosen to look out for and that has always been found in Yahaya Bello.

The days of a new Nigeria is numbered. The birth is sure. The unifier has come.

Onoja Integrity writes from Abuja.

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