ECOWAS Parliament committed to protect means of livelihoods of community members

By Linus Aleke

The ECOWAS Parliament has vowed to protect the means of livelihoods of community members.

It also said that the work it does in the regional parliament is for the survival of the sub region.

Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament, Rt. Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis made this pledge in Freetown during the official closing of the just conclueded 2021 First Extraordinary Session of ECOWAS Parliament.

He said that the parliamentarians will not relent in their efforts to ensure the livelihoods of their people are protected especially, in these trying times when they are unsure of what lies ahead with so many economies facing recession, their youths battling unemployment and community children out of school.

“The threat posed by Global Warming is being felt by every one of us, the rising temperature will be a harbinger of its own unique challenges and tests.

“In West Africa, we are an adaptable and resilient people. But we cannot continue to rely on our ability to withstand the blows that life throws at us.

“We need to be prepared, organized, continuously engaged in working towards an integrated system that will ensure the values, freedom and rights of our Community are safeguarded.

“So long as we work together, fulfil our full duties and deserve the high praise of being called a Member of the ECOWAS Parliament”.

In conclusion, he employed the legislators to never betray the trust, serve well, lead well and represent adequately.

Earlier, the Parliament presented and adopted in plenary, the report of the standing, joint, and ad hoc committees and reports of Parliamentary fact-finding and oversight missions, as well as consideration and adoption of the resolution of the Freetown Parliamentary Seminar on Community Levy.

The parliament also resolved to approach the ECOWAS Court of Justice for interpretation on the continued participation of Mali MPs under the transitional Government following the military coup that displaced the democratically elected Government in the country.

The First Deputy Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament, Rt. Hon. Idris Wase said that democracy must be protected in the sub-region.

He therefore, condemned the attempted coup in Niger, adding that West Africa must not be allowed to slide back to dark days of military junta.

He thanked Sierra Leone authorities for their warm welcome and hospitality during the Extraordinary Session in Freetown.

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