Prince Harry’ s former security fumes, “you were not isolated”

Prince Harry’s former security comes in guns blazing: ‘You were not cut off!’

Prince Harry’s security detail lay waste to the claim he was ever cut off financially from the royal coffers.

This claim was brought forward by royal expert Marlene Koenig. During her interview with Express she touched upon the Metropolitan police detail Prince Harry was under and made it clear, “They left last year in March 2020, it was announced, right before that Canada and the UK would stop paying for their security. This was so they could be responsible as they were making the break.”

“During the interview, Prince Harry made a comment that he was cut off financially and had to dip into my inheritance, I am just paraphrasing. Prince Harry, you have far more money just in your bank account than I will ever see.”

“The Royal Family did not cut off your security, that is taxpayer-funded. The Metropolitan police, which runs the protection services makes that decision.”

“The Canadian taxpayers were paying, so why should they be paying for someone who is no longer representing or working for them. I thought that was a bit ingenuous.”

Before concluding she insisted that Prince Harry’s responsibility to his family is not something he can run away from.

Ms. Koening claimed, “Prince Harry moved to the US at the start of a pandemic, people were losing their jobs, living in cars because they had no money and people weren’t able to get food and you are worried that you are going to have to dip into your trust funds? That sort of thing turns me off for that.”

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