Tanzanian woman rescued after jumping into sea in suicide attempt

Police and security guards at Likoni ferry channel have rescued a Tanzanian woman after she dived into the ocean in what is believed to be attempted suicide.

Mwanajuma Ali allegedly disembarked from MV Jambo yesterday afternoon at mainland ramp and dived into the sea before she was rescued by security guards.

The mother of three from Tanga in Tanzania blamed her husband saying he has been mistreating her for quite some time and she had no need to live.

Mwanajuma, who resides in Kongowea in Nyali, had boarded a matatu to the ferry area in order to commit suicide, she told the guards.

She told the guards that her husband, who is a Kenyan, had been torturing her and her children for the couple of years they have been married.

The woman explained that she decided to take the drastic step as she could not endure more torture.

She narrated to the guards that she has not enjoyed peace and she suspects her husband had gotten a side chic and that could be the reason he was trying to kick her out.

She blames her husband for torturing her even when she relocated from her country to Kenya to start a family.

“She told us that she feels ashamed of leaving men in Tanzania only to get a torturous one in Kenya,” a security guard told The Standard.

Kenya Ferry Services confirmed the incident saying the incident happened at around 1200hrs but the guards managed to rescue the woman

“We regret to announce that at around 1200hrs, a young adult female from Kongowea kwa Karama, Ms. Mwanajuma Ayub Ali, after disembarking from Jambo ferry at the mainland ramp, rushed and dived into the sea,’’ Kenya Ferry Services said in statement.

The woman was taken to the ferry police station for questioning.

Source: The Standard 

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