Again, Dunamis Church flags off construction of another road in Karu-Jukwoyi District

By Isaac Michael.

Dunamis Church Flagged Off The Construction Of Another Road Project In Karu-Jikwoyi District, Federal Capital Territory (Fct), Abuja..
As part of its efforts to give back to the society and fulfil its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and touching lives positively, the Dunamis International Gospel Centre on Wednesday flagged off the construction of another road project at Karu/Jikwoyi area of the Federal Capital Territory (Fct), Abuja.
While addressing the people, the “Etsu” of Karu-Jikwoyi HRH Bawa Jatta said, there is the need for the residents to support the project adding that, the Government cannot do it alone.”For having the mind to do this project, may other people copy from Dunamis, we will drive on this road and we shall be happy, mud will not spoil our vehicles, trousers, wrappers and shoes again, we will be celebrating on this road”.
The Resident Pastor Yakubu Usman while conducting the exercise, thanked the Senior Pastor Dr Paul & Dr Mrs Becky Enenche for the privilege of service. Pastor Yakubu said “the gospel is unto good works, we are the salt of the earth, a city set upon the hill that cannot be hidden, so this work is not to prove a point but a social responsibility of the church to alleviate the people’s plight and to help humanity”.
Also speaking, Pastor Mrs Peace Usman said “God that brought it as a vision in the heart of the sent man of the commission will complete it to his glory, and I know that God will raise men for himself to the completion of this project”.
Also speaking at the flagged off commissioning, the Resident Pastor of Dunamis Church Kabayi Samuel Edino said “we believe, this road when completed is going to bring joy to this community and the people around this place in many ways”.
The project engineer Austin Azodoh said “we don’t want to alter the natural design of the road because if looked at properly, it is about 20metre-width, if we say let’s go by the initial design, it may cost excessively so we decided to introduce about 7-8metre-width road carriage way. The road will have stone base, it will be asphalted, drainages will be introduced in areas that require them and we will also have walk way. These are the simple designs we have introduced to enable us make it okay”.

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