From persecution to crucifixion and from death to resurrection, the message is as clear as it is ubiquitous but not so with the underlayment we inadvertently but criminally neglect. Some include:

  • [ ] it was in Africa that Jesus Christ took refuge t”while fleeing from Herod.
  • [ ] It was an African, Simon of Cyrene, that helped Jesus Christ transport the cross to Calvary.
  • [ ] It was in Africa that Moses was borne and became great to liberate Israel and Israelites.

*** the instances are numerous.

The import of the verifiable facts above is clear and the ramifications therefrom are boundless: Africa and Nigeria must “resurrect and have life” if the world must know true peace and make genuine progress. Easter therefore is a reminder.

While we find comfort in blame-gaming and holding tenaciously to those things that set us apart and aside, the scripture is explicit that the “handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us” have been blotted, taken away and nailed to his cross”. Impliedly, your limitations are a best a mirage, make-belief and no longer exist.

In the end, “having denounced principalities and powers” against you, God himself “made a public show” of all your enemies and ‘frenemies’, triumphing over them for your sake. At this point, I hope we are not the enemies of ourselves.

While wishing you a very Happy Easter, may I humbly add that you constantly reckon that the progress is in the process and you’re in the works…. at the finish line.

Once more, happy Easter.

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