The smile of the princess of peace is like an antidote to the plight of many. Even in pain the pride of the confluence smiles.

A special breed of mankind, beautiful by every standard and built for the daunting task of serving humanity. No wonder even in chains she is fighting hard to better our polity.

A beauty baked by the gods themselves. Her eyes explain hope. A woman of steel with the heart of gold. An inspiration to all humanity.

Oh Natasha the fairest of them all,even your portrait captured all that the reality of a true African woman should be; Concealing pains to put a smile on the faces of others.

Hunted and persecuted yet so strong. Betrayed by the people she is fighting for yet steadfast in her quest to make the society a better place for all to live in. The breaker of chains and the voice of the abused and downtrodden.

A queen living in a so complicated society in which sincerity is a crime and insincerity the only marketable commodity. Honesty is the only weapon at her disposal. No wonder she is winning the battle against injustice.

An umbrella under whose shade many seek comfort. A mother of the people heavily blessed by the heavens.

A perfect marriage of beauty and brain. Gentle yet so fierce in battle. A gift to the entire human race and a true crusader for change.

I’m moved by the meekness of the Amazon. From Faraway lands men sing of her kindness and how well she is living for the betterment of our societies.

No eulogy can perfectly describe the qualities of the lioness of the confluence. Humanity is blessed with her existence!!!

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