In order to remain distinct, Queen Elizabeth II bans 8 ‘common’ words in royal court

Royal family members and visitors will have to avoid eight ‘common words’ while at the royal court after Queen Elizabeth II abolished their use, saying they sound too common.

The move according to sources will keep the royal family, relatives and those who visit the court from sounding common or ordinary.

Some of the words not allowed at the Palace include couch, living room, courtyard, posh, perfume, dad, smell and toilet. 

While at the court there are no couches, the royal settee is called a sofa.

The royal room is called the sitting room, not the living room and the courtyard is called the terrace.

The Royal family members will also not use the word posh which is translated as elegance.

While at the Royal court, one is also expected to avoid the use of perfume and instead use fragrance and scent respectively.

The word dad is also not allowed with father being preferred at the Royal court.”As for father, he should always be called without diminutives like a daddy.”

This is the first time the use of words has been banned for merely being or sounding common.

Previous restrictions at the Royal court has been on some diets.

Seafood is not allowed when on official duties abroad, this according to sources is to ensure no member of the royal party gets food poisoning.

Also banned is garlic because the bulb could cause some issues as the Queen talks to her guests at a royal banquet.

Also restricted are starchy foods like pasta and potatoes which are known for stomach upsets.

The Standard 

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