PHOTO: As Teresa Boniface Ajefu Weds Hon Hassan Solomon Usman

By General Editor

In every tradition, especially, in Igala civilisation, the peak of glory of a female child is, when she is developed, probably, gone to school and finally brings a suitor home as a way of honouring her parents. 
In most African civilisation, the upbringing of a child is deemed incomplete until she brings a suitor home. It was in keeping with this glorious Tradition that former Miss Teresa Boniface Ajefu brought her heartthrob, Hon Hassan Solomon Usman home to honour her parents Mr&Mrs Boniface Ajefu. 
The Traditional Marriage rite, which took place at the family compound, beside Assemblies of God Church, Sharp Corner, Mararaba, Karu LGA, Nasarawa State was well attended. 
Late Mr Boniface Ajefu’s brother, a professor (Kpaleko) with the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, stood-in as the father because in African Tradition, your brother’s children are as well yours. 
The Igala Traditional Marriage rite between Hon Hassan Solomon Usman of Idah LGA, Kogi state and Tessy Boniface Ajefu of Okenyi, Ojibogo, Ankpa LGA, Kogi state, which took place on 4 & 5th April, 2021, was by all standards, very colourful, successful and bountiful. 
Below are glowing snap shots from the two events: the Traditional Marriage rite and Church Wedding, which took place on Monday, 5th April, 2021, at St Mary Catholic Church, Karu, FCT, Abuja. Also, the reception, which took place at Oasis Hotel & Resort was well attended. 

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