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Ghanaian military man who Gives to Needy Promoted Major-General

Respected Ghanaian military officer, Emmanuel Wekem Kotia, has been promoted to Major-General rank This is one of the highest rankings in the Ghanaian military and it is going to the man who is also known for philanthropy Emmanuel Wekem Kotia is a published author with a master’s degree and a PhD
 Ghanaian military officer has been newly promoted to become a Major-General, which is one of the highest ranks in the Ghana Army. Generally, the highest rank is General which is followed by Lieutenant General and then Major General after which Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Captain follow in that order. Reporting on the success story of the esteemed officer, Ben Dotsei Malor, Chief Editor, Dailies, UN News at United Nations, recounted a kind gesture Emmanuel Wekem Kotia made two years ago.
 “We were desperate to complete and commission the Library and IT Centre in my village, Ohawu, this man rallied some of his generous friends to donate at least ten computers, printers, and other resources to ensure the IT portion of the Centre was not left incomplete,”
Ben recounted. Emmanuel Kotia PhD: Military man who Gives to Needy Promoted to 3rd-Highest rank Major-General in Ghana Credit: Ben Dotsei Malor Source: Facebook Aside from his big heart, Emmanuel Wekem Kotia also has a big brain. It is indicated that he obtained First Class Honours in his B.A. degree from Ghana’s premier institution of higher learning, the University of Ghana. In addition, Emmanuel Wekem Kotia holds a Master’s Degree in Global Security from Cranfield University in the UK and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Ghana. Maj-Gen Dr Kotia has also written a book on Peacekeeping titled, “Ghana Armed Forces in Lebanon and Liberia Peace Operations” which was published by Lexington Books, USA in May 2015.

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